Risk Profile Questionnaire

Risk Profile Questionnaire

It is important that you answer the questions as candidly as you can, in a relaxed frame of mind.

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1. What is your primary goal for the funds invested through Wealth Managers (India) Pvt Ltd.

2. Income Objective: Which statement best describes your main objective for this investment?

3. Is there a near-term (less than 3 years) need for any part of this portfolio for other purposes / obligations? If yes, what percentage of this portfolio do you expect to withdraw within the next 3 years?

4.Time Horizon for my portfolio is

5. My past investment includes, and for how many years I am investing in theses

6. Tolerance for Risk and Volatility:

The Following graph shows hypothetical results of five sample portfolios over one year holding period. The best potential gain, expected potential returns and worst potential losses are presented. Note that the portfolio with best potential gains also has largest potential losses

6. Tolerance for Risk and Volatility:

7. Have you ever borrowed money to make an investment other than your own home (for example:an investment property; holiday home; share portfolio; margin loan etc)?

8. What percentage of your Net Worth (Financial Assets) is invested through us?

9. What is your annual income

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Self Assessment by Investor

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Up to 0% Growth – Ultra Conservative Debt Allocation Protection of capital or certainty of income is my/ our only objective. I do not wish to attain higher returns if my capital is at risk. This Allocation is suitable for me as my investment term is less than 1 year and / or I am seeking income for specified time duration. I would like to stick to Short term debt instruments and / or Debt Mutual Funds.


Up to 25% Growth – Conservative Allocation I am a defensive investor. Risk is low and I am willing to accept lower returns. This allocation is suitable for me as I am looking to invest for 1-3 years of horizon. I would like to manage volatility of my portfolio returns by allocating major portion to Fixed income generating investments such as Bonds and Debt Mutual Funds. I am not much concerned about negative impact of inflation on real returns of my portfolio.


Up to 50% Growth – Balanced Allocation I am an investor seeking better than debt returns, but risk continue to be reasonable. Therefore, I will maintain equal weighting to defensive assets within my portfolio, but, will consider the inclusion of some of the aggressive growth investments. Generally I am willing improve Portfolio returns while accepting some volatility. My minimum investment term is 3 years. (If you are investing for less than 3 years, you should consider the up to 25% Growth Allocation)


Up to 75% Growth – Enterprising Allocation I am a growth investor. I am willing to consider assets with higher volatility in the shortterm (such as shares, Domestic and International Equity Mutual funds and property) to achieve capital growth over the medium-longer term. My investment mix will comprise a greater share of growth assets; allowing it to cope with the negative impacts of tax and inflation over time. My investment term is 5 years plus. (If you are investing for less than 5 years, you should consider the up to 50% Growth – Balanced Allocation)


Up to 100% Growth – Wealth Builder Allocation My primary objective is capital growth. I am an aggressive growth investor and prepared to compromise my portfolio to pursue greater long-term returns. I am willing to accept higher levels of risk. Fluctuation in capital is acceptable in the short-medium term for the greater potential for wealth accumulation. With the exception of a minimal level of cash for liquidity purposes, my investment mix will only consist of growth assets such as domestic & International shares/ Equity Mutual funds and property. My Investment horizon is 5 years plus. (If you are investing for less than 5 years, you should consider the up to 50% Growth – Balanced Allocation)

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