Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Wealth Managers PMS

Investors who wish to own a portfolio of direct stocks but also may want to entrust the responsibility of performance to a portfolio manager for a fee, PMS is the product of their choice. Regulated by SEBI, minimum investment to open and maintain a PMS account is Rs. 50 lacs. PMS products have a wider regulatory framework as compared to MFs and hence can offer unique investment solutions.

If you are looking for a portfolio manager who has 1. Integrity 2. Competence 3. Experience and 4. Ability to provide diverse investment solutions to complement your portfolio, Wealth Managers is the answer.

We offer three distinctly different portfolio options viz.

  1. Focused Leadership Portfolio – Our flagship product, for those who wish to own a Concentrated portfolio of Current and Emerging leaders with proven track record
  2. Optimiser Strategy – A unique rule-based portfolio of Equity shares selected based on Momentum factor for those who wish to have style diversification in their portfolio.
  3. Select Direct Portfolio – A discretionary portfolio of Direct Plans of Mutual Funds curated with a fundamentally driven process honed over many market cycles for those who wish to measure advisors alpha and then pay a fee.

Our offerings can be structured either as Non-Discretionary or Discretionary portfolio with a flexibility of fee structure in form fixed or variable plus fixed or only variable to suit your requirements.

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