Mutual Fund Distribution

Mutual Fund Distribution

Why Choose Wealth Managers?

We are amongst the top 50 MFDs in the country enjoying the trust of 800+ families along with Family Offices, Corporates, Trusts and others for their Mutual Fund allocation. Our insights are based on the multicycle experience of our team members. For us, the scheme performance is one of the parameters and not the only parameter. People, Process, demonstrated track record of following the process, Portfolio, Cost of owning the scheme assume a greater significance.

Individual Investors: We help you discover your true risk-taking ability. Based on it, a diversified portfolio is constructed to match your risk tolerance. Diversification is not restricted to the intra asset class but inter asset class as well. Creating the portfolio and allocating funds based on asset allocation is a start of a long journey to harness the power of compounding. As we together go along in the journey, we help you calibrate the portfolio at a regular interval based on your life cycle and economic environment. Our endeavour is to help investors like you on their path to “Financial Freedom”

Non Individual Investors: We work with corporate treasuries, family offices and trusts to draft investment policy in line with the investment objective and help construct a portfolio based on the investment policy and the cash flow projections. On an ongoing basis, we actively work with you to monitor the portfolios for performance, risks, and policy breaches and share insights that are beyond just the performance numbers. In a nutshell, we assist the decision makers of the entities, to achieve the objectives to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

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